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The Five Main Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

The act of driving a motorcycle leaves you much more exposed than driving a car, and as such proper safety equipment is required in order to reduce the likelihood of injury in the event of an accident. The helmet is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for any motorcycle driver. There are five main types of motorcycle helmet, all of which offer different benefits over each other. Understanding the differences between these five types of motorcycle helmets can help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Half Helmets

Not as common as they once were, half helmets provide only cover to the top of the head and are secured with a simple chin strap. These types of helmet offer the legal minimum of protection, but also provide you with the best visibility and without restricting your vision at all.

Motocross Helmets

Motocross helmets are designed specifically for off road driving, and provide space for goggles to be worn in conjunction with the helmet, leaving your nose unblocked and making it easier for you to draw breath. Additionally, these types of helmets have an extended visor that can help block flying dirt and debris.

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets cover the entirety of the head besides the face, though many have sun visors that can attached as needed. These helmets provide clear visibility to the driver, but also do not protect the face at all, which means that injuries can be sustained even while driving due to collisions with things in the air, such as bugs and low-hanging tree branches.

Modular Helmets

Modular motorcycle helmets cover the entirety of the head and face, but can have the front portion of the helmet pushed upwards without removing the helmet. They are most commonly used by law enforcement officers, though many consumers use them too for convenience. In general, these helmets are not designed to be worn while flipped upwards, as they leave the face fully exposed.

Full Face Helmets

The safest motorcycle helmet available, full face helmets are one piece helmets that cover the entire skull, and are fastened with a chin strap that leaves the helmet secure. Most full face helmets have visors that can be attached or removed as needed to reduce sunlight glare and improve visibility on overcast days. While they offer the best protection, they also can be uncomfortable and limit the vision and sense of hearing of the driver. Contact Motorcycles Edge Harley-Davidson for more information on helmets and other riding equipment.

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