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2 Features To Look For In A Bug Out Vehicle

A bug out vehicle is an absolutely vital part of any disaster prepper's bug out plan. A bug out plan typically consists of evacuating to a location that you prepared in advance in order to survive the disaster in safety. An ideal bug out vehicle will be able to handle going off-road and have a lot of cargo space.

Going Off-Road

Off-road capability is one of the most important features that any bug out vehicle should have, mostly because many of the best bug out locations are located in remote areas that require you to go off the beaten path a bit to get to. In addition, you may need off-road capabilities to get out of a city during a disaster, partly because you may need to avoid major roads due to the many other people that are clogging the roads while trying to evacuate.

In addition,depending on the type of disaster, you could end up in a situation where the road is damaged, flooded, blocked by debris, or even filled with abandoned vehicles. In those situations, you are going to need a vehicle that will not have any problems going off the paved road in order to go around the obstacles.

As a result, it is very difficult to go wrong if you choose an SUV. This is because there are multiple models of SUV that have been designed with off-road driving in mind, so you know that they will be able to handle just about any terrain that you choose to travel across.

Cargo Space

Another important feature in a bug out vehicle is cargo space. Cargo space is so important because you must be able to transport yourself, your friends, and family along with the necessary supplies to survive. In many cases, you will need to haul large amounts of food, fuel, water, and medical supplies, especially since you never know how long the disaster will last or when you will be able to resupply.

A truck is a fantastic choice when it comes to cargo space and will be able to haul more supplies than just about any other type of vehicle. However, you should also consider an SUV because it will be able to transport a lot of cargo and passengers within the cabin, which will protect the supplies and people from the elements. In addition, having the supplies in the cabin of the SUV makes them easier to hide from prospective thieves.

Visit a car dealership in Lethbridge today in order to see the many great vehicles that they have available. In order to get the best bug out vehicle possible, make sure that you select something that has lots of cargo space and is off-road capable.

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